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Lockdown Letters: People’s support, ROP care, marked the lockdown

15 Jun 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic has become a new challenge for the whole world, people’s support was one of the inevitable aspects and considered as the need of the hour. In such a critical situation, there is always a limit for any government to step in, whereas people’s participation gives much more effective solutions to contain the spread of the virus – primarily by respecting and adhering to the ‘social distancing’ concept. 

The Royal Oman Police’s time and effort cannot be overlooked here. The entire team of ROP has devoted their fullest energy with complete dedication to safeguard the people of Oman throughout the lockdown period, 24×7, with all-time helping hands. They were very vigilant and maintained calm throughout the period of the lockdown in Muscat Governorate. With the temperature soaring above 40 degrees C, it was a real challenge for being so attentive and standing in the middle of the road to control the movement of traffic. I sincerely salute the entire ROP team for their time and patience. 

Meanwhile, I also pay homage to people who lost their lives due to the virus. My deepest sympathy to the relatives of those diseased and thanks to Muscat Daily for regularly updating us on COVID-19 situations through its online editions and social media forums.We hope that the sultanate recovers fast from the current situation. 

Ramachandran Nair 


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