Wednesday, September 22
06:32 AM

Gatherings main factor for spurt in COVID-19 cases


Gatherings among expatriates and Omanis is still an important factor for the spurt in the number of COVID-19 cases in Oman which has seen an alarming spurt in the numbers in the past week.

Speaking to Oman TV, H E Dr Mohammed bin Saif al Hosni, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, said the number of cases are significantly rising especially among expatriates who live in labour camps. 

“Gatherings, especially of expatriate workers in the labour camps, is the reason why we are seeing high number of cases rising every day. Social distancing is not practised as required,”

In the last five days, the number of daily cases has been crossing the thousand mark. In five days alone, 5637 cases were reported, taking the total to 24,524, out of which 9,686 are Omanis and 14,838 expatriates.

Dr Hosni said, “Family gatherings, especially during Ramadan and Eid al Fitr, contributed to the increase in the number of cases in Oman,” he said.

Even though the country has been reporting highest daily cases, the peak is yet to be reached. As people continue to gather, despite warnings, and with the biggest single-day spurt of 1,404 cases on Sunday, we are yet to reach the peak of infections,” he said.

The virus is still spreading fast and the only way to reduce is to follow the social distancing measures, he said, adding, “There is no way to control the spread of this virus expect by physical distancing. Everyone should be responsible for this act.” 

Meanwhile, the number of deaths has also increased significantly during the past five days. Around 24 lives were lost during the past five days taking the total number of casualties to 108. Among the dead, 38 are Omanis and 70 are expatriates.

Amid all the negative trend is also some good news, as far as the number of recoveries is concerned. As of Monday, the total number of recoveries stood at 9,533, while the total of number of those admitted in hospitals stood at 317, including 104 patients in ICU.

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