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FOOD BANDWAGON: Kulfi Stuffed Mango

10 Jun 2020

The current lockdown has transformed many a home cook into self-styled chefs, each of whom are experimenting with new recipes, sharing them with friends on social media and gaining a unique sense of satisfaction. 

Do you want to join this Food Bandwagon? Send in your own recipes that can be churned out with limited ingredients. The best ones will be published here every Thursday. (Email: [email protected])


Today’s recipe: Kulfi Stuffed Mango

(Sent by: Payel Mukherjee)


500 ml milk (full fat)

Half cup sugar

1 mango

1 handful almonds

1tsp cardamom powder

1tsp milk powder

1/2tsp all purpose flour



Heat milk and reduce it till it becomes 1/3rd of the original. Add milk powder, sugar, cardamom powder and flour. It will turn into a thick consistency. Now, remove the top of the mango by slicing it. Retain this tip part. Scoop out only the nut of the mango while keeping the entire shape of the mango intact. Gently squeeze the mango but do not peel the mango. Place the mango with skin in a small glass so it stands upright. Fill the cavity of the mango shell with the kulfi mixture. Put the mango cap back and freeze it for 8-9 hours. Once frozen, remove and peel the mango and then slice and serve.


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