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Artificial intelligence to monitor COVID-19 patients

10 Jun 2020

To facilitate communication and follow-up on COVID-19 patients, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has launched an artificial intelligence-based epidemiological investigation system. 

The system can be used by individuals who are subject to health isolation, in addition to the possibility of using it to assess the health status in the event of developing symptoms linked to COVID-19. 

The system works by downloading the application, Monitor-Plus, from the website of the Ministry of Health or the online store for smartphones (Apple and Android), in addition to the medical tracking application supported by the electronic bracelet that requests downloading from the person subject to isolation. 

“What distinguishes this system is that it is enhanced with the feature of talking with the virtual support team. The team evaluates the health condition by analysing symptoms supported with artificial intelligence technology which facilitates continuous follow-up for people, especially infected or suspected persons subject to health isolation, and guiding them to health institutions at the appropriate time, if the need arises,” an MoH statement said. 

“The application is available in five languages. Arabic, English, Hindi, Bengali, and Urdu, so that it can be used by different nationalities residing in Oman and the system aims to limit the spread of the disease by raising the efficiency of the geographical tracking of cases that are under isolation, especially in the light of the increasing number of cases and the widening of their geographical area,” it added. 

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