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With only nine COVID-19 cases, Musandam shows the way

9 Jun 2020

A state of readiness since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, coupled with the health sector’s preparedness, has helped limit COVID-19 cases in Musandam. The governorate has recorded only nine cases, so far, and is setting an example for others on how to limit the scourge of the pandemic. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, the Directorate General of Health Services – Musandam Governorate (DGHS – Musandam) has taken preventive measures by raising public awareness about the nature, transmission and prevention of the disease.

With the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, DGHS-Musandam formed a work team that holds daily meetings to follow-up on the global and local epidemiological situation of COVID-19 and discuss the latest developments of the virus and the precautionary measures.

Moreover, the team has provided general information and prepared awareness programmes and educational materials, including lectures and seminars. ‘The DGHS-Musandam, represented by the Sub-Committee of Emergency Management, convened several meetings with the Sub-Committee of Medical Response & Public Health Sector along with the Relief & Shelter Sector of the governorate to familiarise the committee’s members on the actions taken and the roles of each authority,’ DGHS-Musandam said in a statement.

The DGHS-Musandam also formed a field teams to monitor arrivals across the entry points (land, sea and air) by applying the self-declaration mechanism issued by the Directorate General of Diseases Surveillance and Control (DGDSC) of the Ministry of Health along with accounting the arrivals from different countries and dealing with each person separately. 

Furthermore, the DGHS-Musandam, represented by Khasab Hospital, has allocated a private entrance to triage the cases, reduce the patients contacting and organise an entry process into the health institutions. ‘A hotline was also activated to communicate with the governorate’s citizens and answer their queries,’ it said.

In addition, a team from the DGDSC has visited the governorate to train  health workers in dealing with disease by taking the required preventive measures, as well as a number of specialised leaflets on COVID-19 have been issued for health workers.

As for home and institutional isolation, the DGHS-Musandam has provided institutional isolation places which turned over to the Relief & Shelter Sector with all essential services for the isolated persons. Field teams of the health institutions are following-up on the health condition of the isolated persons and contacting them directly to assure their condition and guide them to go to health institutions, if necessary. 

‘An emergency room has been activated in the DGHS-Musandam to respond to the queries received from the Emergency Management Center of the Ministry and health institutions in the governorate to be a bridge between the various military and civil sectors,’ the DGHS-Musandam statement said.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the DGHS-Musandam, represented by the Emergency and Crisis Management Section and Administrative Affairs Department, has facilitated the transferring process of samples between Musandam and Muscat in cooperation with the related military authorities. In addition, a laboratory device to detect COVID-19 has been provided at Khasab Hospital. 

The senior officials of the directorate have also paid a number of visits to the health institutions and instructed the institutions to allocate a special entrance for those who have COVID-19 or respiratory symptoms.

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