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Be the hero of your life

9 Jun 2020

Recently, the Indian schools in Oman decided on skipping the summer break and a conversation with a few people made me write this piece. Speaking with some class 12 students made me ponder on how we prepare children for exams but never prepare them for life. So, just wanted to share how meditation has helped me cope.


Few maxims that we can follow for a happy life: 

1) All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – so add fun to each day.

2) Be thankful for what you have. Remember what made you smile. 

3) Live in the moment. Too much thinking causes stress.

4) Dream every day, it’s important and brings out your creative side.

5) Be the hero of your life, do what you want to, forget what others are doing.

6) Take one step at a time and enjoy it. 

7) Don’t judge yourself, instead love yourself.

8) Choose friends and people around you wisely. 

9) Do your best in any situation but not at the cost of your happiness. 

10) Learn to say ‘no’ when it is required. 

11) Don’t hold regrets and grudges. 

12) Don’t give advise to anyone; instead, make your life an example.

13) Focus on who you are.


Sonia Kumar

Meditation practitioner and writer 


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