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He brought his office home

8 Jun 2020

Most people are either happy to be away from their workplace during the lockdown period or longing to get back to meet their colleagues and embrace routine. However, Ramachandran Nair, a professional who resides in Darsait, decided to bring his office, located at Al Khuwayr, home, with his penchant for creative crafts.

Nair, who is responsible for Quality and Compliance in GAC Oman, a worldwide provider for shipping, logistics and marine services, has been working from home for the past two months. Nevertheless, he has been taking up new tasks and hobbies during his spare time to keep boredom at bay.

“The lockdown has given everyone plenty of personal time, and it is for people to give life to their creative thoughts as this precious time should not go waste,” says Nair, adding, “When restrictions were in place, at times, I was unable to go to office. So, I thought, let me bring my office to my home.”

Devoting around six hours of his free time during the COVID-19 lockdown period, Nair designed and construct a paperboard replica of his office building, based on the sensory images of the building etched on his mind, as well as aided by photographs to add details.

“As the office is functioning with very limited people in specific departments, I have not met most of my colleagues for long. I have been missing the office environment but now, when I look at the ‘office building’ next to me, I feel much closer to normalcy in the current surreal situation,” he says, adding, “The model sits in a place of pride next to my dining table, which often serves as my remote office.”

He further said, “Although I’ve been calling into the office as much as possible to continue with my usual duties and responsibilities, I still miss seeing many of my colleagues as the office is operating under restrictions and with around half the staff working remotely.”

The cardboard model of his office building, though a product of much time consuming effort, creativity and patience, has brought a smile to Nair’s face and reminded him of his days in school when he had shone in arts and crafts and won many prizes. The replica was made, not just with paperboard, sheets of cellophane and glue, but also with a sense of emotional attachment and nostalgia that served as a driver for perfection, he asserts.

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