Monday, August 08
01:50 AM

Dhofar decks up with amazing landscapes


Omani photographer Mohammed Awadh Alhadi Ba Omar, a citizen of Dhofar, has captured stunning landscapes formed after the recent tropical depression over Dhofar governorate which brought torrential rains and decked up the region with waterfalls and greenery.

Salalah and the adjoining wilayats around the city are dotted with ‘ayn’ or springs, which usually come to life after the rains, creating a visual splendour of bountiful nature for visitors.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Omar, a photography enthusiast now following his passion for over a decade, said that heavy rainfall led to the formation of waterfalls in many parts of the governorate. 

“I clicked dozens of photos of Ayn Athum, which provides stunning scenery with water falling from top of the mountain, to promote Omani tourism.”

Ayn Athum is one of the waterfalls in Dhofar Governorate, outside the wilayat of Salalah, he said, adding, “It is also a seasonal waterfall and is mostly found active in July and August, subject to sufficient rains during the monsoon season.”

Omar has also captured numerous photos of Teeq Cave, near Tawi Ateer sinkhole, which was filled with rain water. (My aim is to showcase the country’s beauty and diversity to the world through  the beauty of Dhofar,”he said.

Omar is a member of the Photographic Society of Oman and has won more than ten local and international awards. He has also participated in many photography exhibitions.

“I love taking photos of nature and capturing human faces. Every year, I take pictures of the waterfalls and post them on my Instagram account @mohd_Alhadi and @mohd_Alhadi on Twitter.”

Omar said that professional photographers like his work, too. “I will continue to take nature-related photos in Dhofar to attract tourists from all over the world and support Omani tourism,” he said. 


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