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COVID-19 recovered Muscat Municipality employees donate blood plasma

8 Jun 2020

Following the appeal of the Department of Blood Bank Services (DBBS) to people who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate plasma, 33 employees of the Muscat Municipality came forward to the call. 

In a statement, Muscat Municipality said, ‘A number of employees and workers in Muscat Municipality, who have recovered from COVID-19, donated plasma at blood donation centres designated by the Ministry of Health (MoH) in accordance with the set conditions.’ 

It added that the initiative will contribute to immuno-plasma treatment, which has been proven its effectiveness in treating COVID-19 cases. 

MoH had said that since there are a number of emergency cases that need plasma, DBBS had appealed to those recovering from COVID-19 to donate plasma urgently. 

‘We need plasma donors from the following groups: O+, A+, B+ and AB+. To enquire about the plasma donation process kindly contact us on WhatsApp at 94555648,’ the statement added.

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