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Thank you ROP, heroes of peace!

6 Jun 2020

After the decision by the Supreme Committee to lift the lockdown in the Governorate of Muscat and Muttrah, I want to say that Oman is proud of its Royal Oman Police (ROP) personnel for all their efforts taken during these hard times.

The phrase ‘Thank You’ is not enough and does not convey the immense gratitude the people and the country owe to the ROP team. They stood on the streets during all hours of the day, at peak times of traffic and at noon in the hot summer months, to organise and assure safety to all the road users.

Also, a big thank you to all for listening to and following the measures set down by ROP for keeping the situation under control at checkpoints, and for having enough patience.

Our heroes, too, were away from their families during the holy month of Ramadan and Eid to ensure the safe passage of citizens and residents. Doing so, you again prove to the world that our homeland and citizens and residents are always safe in your hands.

Relaxing checkpoints or easing procedures does not mean that we are out of the COVID-19 danger. The virus is still present among us, so stay at home and go out only if necessary.

Muna Basheer al Zadjali

Private sector employee

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