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Oman’s first satellite to be in space by 2023-2024

6 Jun 2020

Oman has started to lay the foundation for the launch of its first satellite into space by 2023/2024.  

Space Communications Technology (SCT), which has been mandated to proceed with the necessary procedures for the implementation of the Omani satellite project, has launched a tender titled ‘Financial and Technical Consultancy Services to Oman’s First Satellite Programme Procurement’. 

‘SCT is working on launching Oman’s first satellite by 2023/2024. This project is considered as one of the strategic projects that Oman is planning, namely, to launch the first national satellite system with national, regional and global coverage, however, with the primary telemetry, tracking, and control (TT&C) located in Oman,” the company stated.  

The service delivery is structured into several Work Packages (WP) and broadly split into three scopes – Orbital Slots/Frequency Due Diligence (core task), Business Case Study (core task) and Requirements Definition and RFP, which includes three phases: 
a. Requirements development phase which leads to the release of the RFP package (core task). 
b. Tender process phase which ends by the contract award (core task). 
c. Programme monitoring services (optional task). 

The final date for collection of tender documents is June 13, while the technical and commercial bids submission date is June 24. 

SCT said that all technical, operational and contractual works of the project have been assigned to the company in order to meet the sultanate’s requirements for satellite communications services. 

The company’s operational plan is based on the rental of a large capacity that meets all the requirements of the sultanate with high technical features through a coverage of the sultanate’s entire territory and its economic waters with faster high throughput data.

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