Thursday, September 16
10:47 PM

CBO temporarily suspends use of local debit cards in OmanNet Payment

5 Jun 2020

The Central Bank of Oman (CBO) has temporarily suspended the use of local debit cards in OmanNet Payment Gateway. “Customers may pay using credit cards and other cards where available until the service is restored. CBO technical support team is currently working to ensure the operation is restored as quickly as possible,” CBO statement said.

CBO has detected a suspicious attempt to access the Payment Gateway, and an investigation is currently taking place to address the cause of the incident.  Accordingly, proper action will be taken by the concerned authorities.

“CBO confirms that other electronic financial services such as cash withdrawals (ATM), transfer from one account to another within the same bank and between banks, payments via point of sale (POS), and transfer via mobile payment system are working effectively without any interruption,CBO said.

The Central Bank of Oman employs all necessary means to ensure seamless and secure banking services.

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