Monday, December 11
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Muttrah isolation to be lifted from Saturday

4 Jun 2020

Starting from Saturday, June 6, health isolation of Wilayat of Muttrah will be lifted with the exception of Hamriya, old Muttrrah and Wadi Kabir Industrial area. 

H E Dr Ahmed al Sa’eedi, Minister of Health, said on Thursday that restrictions will be eased in most areas in Wilayat Muttrah. “We will be opening most areas of Muttrah but some areas will remain closed due to health concerns,” he said. 

“The areas that will remain under isolation include Muttrah Souq, old Muttrah, Hamriyah and Wadi Kabir Industrial Area,” he said. 

According to Dr Saif al Abri, director general of disease surveillance and control, MoH, these areas will remain closed due to high infections. 

“The epidemiological situation will be reviewed during the next two weeks. However, there is a stability in the number of cases,” Dr Abri said.

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