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Food Bandwagon: Kesar Malai Pedha

3 Jun 2020

Do you want to join this Food Bandwagon? Send in your own recipes that can be churned out with limited ingredients. The best ones will be published here every Thursday. (Email: [email protected])

Today’s recipe: Kesar Malai Pedha

(Sent by: Vandana Anoop)


2ltr double cream milk

5-6tbsp sugar – powdered

10-12 cardamoms – ground to a fine powder.

Few strands of saffron in 2tsp of warm milk

2tbsp ghee


Take 1-2tbsp of pure ghee in a heavy bottom flat pan. Grease the wok well with the ghee. This helps in preventing burning. Then pour milk and boil and keep stirring till milk reduces to a thick paste like consistency. This is the khoya for the pedha. Alternatively, you can use readymade khoya.

Now, take the khoya and saute with a little ghee till slightly golden, then add the sugar. Quantity of sugar can be varied to suit taste. After mixtures thickens and sugar is incorporated, add the powdered cardamom and saffron milk. Mix the mixture and let it thicken. Remove from flame and let the mixture cool. Refrigerate for a few hours and then roll into small balls and flatten each into pellets. Garnish with finely chopped dry fruits or saffron strands.



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