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Happiness Ambassadors of Oman

1 Jun 2020

Sayyid Tariq al Busaidi and Sayyid Mundhir al Busaidi, young talented twins hailing from Bausher (which is currently facing a steep rise in the number of coronavirus cases), say they have made people in Oman forget that they are quarantined and under a lockdown by offering a slew of fun activities to do everyday via their vibrant social media platforms. “We’ve made people learn how to cook, how to spend time fruitfully at home, and take up workout challenges or diet challenges. Our main goal is to leave a positive footprint in this short life,” they chorus.

Both Bachelor of Science degree holders from the University of Liverpool, in UK, Tariq majored in International Business and graduated with Honours in 2019 while Mundhir graduated with Business Management Honours. Proud of this accomplishment, they, however, assert that social media is actually a ‘full-time profession’ for them, though they have been pursuing multiple business activities, too.

Popularly known in Oman as ‘The twins’, the duo say they got into an obsession with social media by initially attempting to help those interested in studying abroad by highlighting their own experience. “We had a great influence on Omani students studying abroad since we always shared things that benefit them. One of our main goals was making the students’ lives easier and encouraging their potential to study abroad,” said Tariq, who is one minute older than his twin brother.

Via social media and YouTube, the twins have been sharing content about lifestyle activities that transmit positive energy to their followers. “Food is definitely one of the things we are very passionate about, whether it was visiting great restaurants or cooking our own food. This has helped us shape ourselves to what we are now when it come to a healthy lifestyle,” said Mundhir, adding thattravel features, too, are one of their mainstays. Their YouTube channel also features great twins-related pranks that have got millions of views, so far.

Asked about how they have been spending the lockdown period, the twins admitted, “We have been super active with a mindset that we just want everyone to forget that they are quarantined by encouraging new habits and healthy lifestyles. We had a lot of competitions with giveaways and the number of people who learned how to cook from us is huge. Our cookie recipe has become a rage. In fact, we made people learn how to cook, how to spend time fruitfully at home and take up workout challenges or diet, some of whom lost around 13kg in just two months.

The twins, who consider themselves as ‘Happiness Ambassadors’ of Oman, have an illustrious stream of clients which include Qatar Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, Boutiqaat, Talabat, MHD Automobiles, Qatar Airways, World Cup 2022, Mountain Dew, and many more. They also hope to soon entertain audiences in Oman via TV/radio shows that are under planning.

The older twin, Tariq says, “We share a completely transparent relationship, sharing all our secrets, regardless of how big the secret is. Mundhir is funnier and more humorous while I am considered the more serious one.”

Mundhir adds, “The best quality in Tariq is his supportive nature and his urge to correct me and, of course, always being right. We look upon ourselves as ‘Happiness Ambassadors’ of Oman and we feel obligated to deliver content for a positive lifestyle.”

With a common resolve of giving the youth in Oman a sound perspective to life and showing them a journey to personal excellence, the twins believe they can best do it via entertainment which is one of their great skills. “The youth of Oman has great potential and, in our own way, we hope to enable them to mark a great future for our nation,” they assert.

About their own ambitions, Tariq and Mundhir together emphasise, “Our main goal is to leave a positive footprint in this short life, showcasing to everyone what is important in life, no matter what one does. We believe that life is great when you want it to be great, despite all the challenges one faces. We seek to be on the top in our field some day. Reaching the top is hard, but sustaining the position is harder.”

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