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Dhofar Municipality keen on containing effects of tropical condition

1 Jun 2020 By ONA

Dr Ahmed bin Mohsen al Ghassani, Head of Dhofar Municipality, has affirmed the municipality’s keenness to continue its efforts, in cooperation with the respective government agencies to contain the effects of the recent tropical condition witnessed by the governorate.

This was disclosed during a meeting of the emergency committee in Dhofar Municipality, under the chairmanship of Dr Ahmed bin Mohsen al Ghassani, head of Dhofar Municipality and chairman of the Municipal Council in the governorate on Sunday, to follow up on the progress of working teams that were formed to deal with the impact of the tropical condition.

In a statement, Dr Ghassani said that the municipality is exerting continuous efforts in opening some of the damaged roads, following up on the affected lighting works, draining water pools, and removing rain waste from roads, residential neighbourhoods and public places.

Dr Ghassani appreciated all the efforts exerted by everyone since the beginning of the tropical condition, stressing on coordinated efforts and exerting more action to contain the effects of the tropical condition. He pointed out that a technical team has been formed to identify ramshackle buildings in the old neighbourhoods and take necessary measures regarding them.

He added that Dhofar Municipality has opened some crossings to facilitate the flow of wadis, in addition to opening some vital roads linking wilayats, in cooperation with the concerned authorities, to ensure that roads are open for traffic.

Dr Ghassani also said that Dhofar Municipality is currently studying sites of rainwater logging in Salalah to develop future solutions for rainwater drainage.


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