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City beaches begin to see visitors

1 Jun 2020

After months of deserted silence, life seems to be coming back to the city’s beaches, specially the Qurm beach stretch.  

Although parking on both sides of the beach road is still not allowed and marked with traffic cones and barriers put up by the ROP, one does see a few strollers and hear the happy frolicking of kids around the beach.  

“I came to the beach after two months and I have brought my camping tent and beach toys, too,” said Hassan, a five-year-old boy who was seen with his father Mohammed who added, “We’ve stayed indoors for a long period and we need to see the Sun. So, we came out taking all precautions.”  

“It is a new normal,” said another beach visitor, who had come with his two-year-old kid and spouse to the beach after a few weeks. “It was very difficult to stay indoors for this long. We need to maintain social distancing and hand sanitising part of our life and move on.”  

Bijon Rai, another visitor who lives near the beach and strictly follows social distancing and all the other guidelines, said, “We stayed indoors for more than two months. Since the Muscat lockdown was eased by the Supreme Committee, we decided to come out.” He was seen strolling along with his three roommates.  
“We feel scared to venture out but we are taking all the precautions like wearing a mask and gloves when outdoors. Life must go on.”  

(Photo and text by Syed Fasiuddin)

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