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Timely medical intervention saves life of an expat

31 May 2020

Timely medical intervention saved the life of an expat engineer working with a shipping company in Khasab. The 32-year-old Indian developed chest pain and suffered complete blackout while on a ship in Khasab.

Realising the need of critical care, he was immediately transferred by an air ambulance to Khasab Government Hospital, where he was diagnosed to have suffered a heart attack.

Immediately, the doctors at the hospital tried to stabilise him but he got recurrent heart attacks.

Understanding the gravity of situation, the cardiology team at Khasab Hospital contacted NMC Specialty Hospital Ghubra which offers 24/7 Cath Lab & Emergency services.

The patient was brought on May 26 from Khasab to NMC Hospital Ghubra by an air ambulance in co-operation with the Royal Air Force of Oman.

On his arrival, Dr Prasanth Panduranga, Sr. interventional cardiologist, immediately performed angioplasty to remove the blockade and saved his life.

Dr Prasanth said due to the recurrent heart attacks the only option was to airlift the patient to a hospital having Cath Lab facility.

“With the cooperation of Royal Air Force Oman & Khasab Government Hospital, the patient was admitted to NMC and his life of was saved,” added the doctor.

Dr Deep Makkar, GM NMC Health Care Oman said, “Chest pain is an alarming health issue and needs immediate medicare to stop complications. To provide quality and timely treatment to the residents in Oman, NMC Health care Oman offers state-of-the-art 24-hour Cath Lab Unit at NMC Specialty Hospital Ghubra for cardiac emergencies.”

He added, “The Department of Cardiology at Ghubra represents one of the best, most modern and state-of-the-art cardiac care facility in Oman, backed by the latest technology, our exceptional team of cardiologists provides world-class interventional and preventive cardiology services including management of irregular heartbeats, blocks, and valve disorders.”

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