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Remarkable turnout for Omantel Ramadan offers

22 May 2020

Omantel’s Ramadan offers have been well received by customers due to the unique benefits provided to them such as the free calls for Baqati and Hayyak customers. Omantel, the leading provider of integrated telecommunication services in the Sultanate, has provided its customers with unprecedented offers especially customers of Baqati postpaid and Hayyak prepaid services. Omantel also provided free delivery services for ‘Makasib’ loyalty program members. These offers are specifically designed to meet the needs of community members to communicate especially with social distancing requirements due to the outbreak of COVID 19. 

Ramadan’s first offer for Hayyak customers includes free local calls upon every recharge using the recharge vouchers or through the Omantel App. Customers get free local calls for one day when they recharge with RO1 to RO2.9 and 3 days in case of recharging with RO 3 to 3.9 and 5 days in case of recharging RO 5 to 9.9. Customers can get free local calls of up to 10 days when they recharge with RO10 and more. The offer is valid until 24th May 2020.

Recharge  Value Number of days of free local calls 
RO1 to RO2.9 One day 
RO3 to RO4.9 3 days 
RO5 to RO9.9 5 days
RO10 + 10 days


The second offer allows unlimited local calls for 7 days for only RO1. The offer, which can be activated through the Omantel App is available to postpaid customers and Hayyak prepaid customers,until 24th May 2020. 

Commenting on Ramadan offers,Aladdin Bait Fadhil, Acting Vice President at Omantel’s Consumer Business Unit said,“We are happy to help the community members in applying social distancing which will help in combatting the spread of COVID 19. Under Ramadan offers, we provided our customers with exciting offers that keep them in constant contact with their relatives and friends during Ramadan”.

Omantel offered an exclusive service“Grocery Delivery” to the members of Makasib Loyalty program. The service provides free delivery for online purchases. The page includes shopping categories that meet the basic needs of each family, including personal care products, snacks, cleaning products and disinfectants. It also includes perfumes, bags, computers and accessories, cameras, mobile phones,tablets, entertainment devices, watches, and sunglasses.

On this service, Aladdin Bait Fadhil said, “The service was designed as part of our efforts to encourage community members to maintain social distancing and eliminate the need to leave home in order of mitigate the chances of spreading the Coronavirus Covid-19. We are allowing Makasib members to buy their grocery and house needs without having to leave their homes. We have designed our offering in a way that ensures meeting most of the basic needs. Our customers who have not yet joined the Makasib program can avail the delivery service by joining the program through Omantel App available for both Apple and Android devices, at, or by calling *224 # and following the steps, or sending “Makasib” to 91224.

Aladdin Bait Fadhil also noted that all deliveries meet health and safety requirements, and are in compliance with the instructions and regulations issued to reduce the spread of the Corona virus. The service covers the wilayat of Al-Seeb, Baushar and Muscat at this stage. The service is available for purchases of RO15 and above. 

Omantel Ramadan Offers also included value-added services, the most notable of which is the Play VoD service, which provides access to a rich library of more than 3,000 regional and international films and TV series. The service can be subscribed via the website or by sending “sub” to 92565. The service is offered for only 200 Bz per day.

Omantel also provides the Shahid VIP video on demand service, which allows customers to enjoy more than 20 thousand hours of shows, movies and the best visual content from MENA, Turkey, Bollywood and Korea. Customers can activate the service through the link, which allows them to try the service for free for seven days and subscribe to the weekly plan for 690 Bz and RO 1.990 for the monthly plan. This is in addition to Zee5 service, which is a complete platform that offers an amazing broadcast experience to watch Indian TV series. The service allows customers to 60 live broadcast channels and famous movies all for RO1.2 for weekly subscription, RO 4 for monthly subscription, RO20 for the half-year subscription, and RO36 for the annual subscription. The exclusive Watch iT service allows access to more than 650,000 exclusive content in addition to the latest Arab and Egyptian series and films, for only RO 3 for the monthly subscription. The service can be activated through the Omantel website or by sending “sub” to 92556.

For cooking lovers, Omantel has provided a subscription to Fatafeat service,the famous cooking channel in the Middle East, which provides several recipes to customers. It also provides customers with direct lessons offered by skilled chefs. Customers can subscribe to Fatafeat forRO1.5 per month, via the Omantel website or by sending “sub” to 92557.

For kids, Omantel provides subscription to the unique children’s application in MENA region “Ejunior” for only 250 Bz per day. The application, which includes more than 2000 hours of animation for all ages of children, supports the parental control feature that allows guardians to filter the content available for their children.

Marking the glorious occasion of Ramadan, Omantel provided special content, the most notable of which was Omantel my World Al Kheer service, the latest service on the Omantel global platform. The platform includes everything that a customer needs during the holy month, such as hearing the Holy Quran with the most famous voices in the Islamic world, prophetic sayings, and prayers and times Prayer and many other things. Interested customers can subscribe for 200 Bz per day through the link, or by sending “sub” to 92559.

As part of Ramadan services, Omantel also provided the Hidaya service, which enables subscribers to access the best religious information and test his knowledge in it. Customers also receive notifications of the daily prayer times. The service is available for 200 BZ per day, RO1 per week, and RO3 per month. The service can be activated by sending ‘sub’ to 91500. “Riyad Al-Saleheen” service provides access to a large number of hadiths and up to 1900 Islamic video clips, for 200 BZ per day, RO1 per week, and RO3 per month. 

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