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Food bandwagon

20 May 2020

The current lockdown has transformed many a home cook into self-styled chefs, each of whom are experimenting with new recipes, sharing them with friends on social media and gaining a unique sense of satisfaction. 

Do you want to join this Food Bandwagaon? Send in your own recipes that can be churned out with limited ingredients. The best ones will be published here every Thursday.  (Email: [email protected])


Today’s recipe: Royal Mango Mastani (Iftar drink)

(Sent by: Waheeda Fathima)

Iftar drink

Royal Mango Mastani

(Sent by: Waheeda Fathima)


To soak

1tbsp basil Seeds in water – 20 mins
10 almonds in warm water – 1 hour (Peel off skin)
5 dates in warm water – 1 hour (Peel off skin)


10 strands of saffron  in 1tsp of milk – 5 minutes
2tbsp tutti-fruiti

To blend

Blend soaked almonds and dates along with the water to a smooth paste

1 large ripe mango – Peal the skin and cut into cubes
11/2 cup full fat milk, chilled

Add the above ingredients, one after the other, and blend it smooth. It should be buttery in texture.

To serve

Soaked basil seeds
Blended mango milk shake
Vanilla ice cream: 2 scoops
2tbsp mango pieces
2tbsp sliced almonds, cashews, dates and few strands of saffron
3tbsp tutti-frutti


Take 2 chilled glasses to serve. Add half of the soaked basil seeds in each. Leave it inside the fridge for a few minutes. Now, add the mango smoothie leaving 2cm space for garnish. Take 2 scoops of vanilla ice-cream and add over the smoothie. Add sliced almonds, finely chopped dates, tutti frutti, saffron strands and ½tsp soaked basil seeds. Serve Immediately with a straw and a spoon.


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