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19 May 2020

The Supreme Committee dealing with COVID-19 announced the relaxation of rules for following business activities. However, Muscat Municipality clarified that businesses located in the commercial centres, wilayat of Muttrah and Wadi Kabir Industrial Area will remain shut. The reopened commercial activities are required to follow precautionary and preventive health measures. 

1- Sale of foodstuff 
2- Food stores 
3- Mobile restaurants and coffee shops (only delivery and takeaway) 
4- Bakeries and bread shops 
5- Water factories and water stores 
6- Halwa and confectionery stores 
7- Food industries 
8- Animal feed, grain stores, agricultural products and pesticides 
9- Meat and poultry shops 
10- Fish stores 
11- Ice-cream and corn shops 
12- Fruits and vegetable stores 
13- Juice shops 
14- Mashakik and barbecues 
15- Grinders 
16- Honey shops 
17- Dates shops 
18- Livestock and poultry sheds 
19- Clinics and vet clinics 
20- Pharmacies 
21- Optical shops 
22- Petrol filling stations 
23- Cooking gas cylinder stores and vehicles 
24- Shipping, customs clearance offices and insurance offices 
25- Sanitary and electrical materials 
26- Non-food materials shops (for storage only) 
27- Sale of fishing tools and equipment 
28- Vehicle and fishing boat repair workshops  
29- Vehicle and fishing boats spare parts stores  
30- Motor electrical, vehicle oil, vehicle brake repair, tyre repair 
31- Electrical appliances and satellite shops (order and delivery only) 
32- Computer sale and maintenance 
33- Stationary stores 
34- Printers (order and delivery only) 
35- Quarries crushers (order and delivery only 
36- Sanad offices 
37- Rent of vehicles and equipment 
38- Money exchanges 
39- Car wash 
40- Vehicle care stores (two customers at a time are allowed inside) 
41- New car dealers (two customers at a time are allowed inside) 
42- Steam laundries and machine laundries (two customers are allowed at a time) 
43- Honey-bee supplies stores (order and delivery only) 
44- Construction materials and cement stores 
45- Bricks and cement blocks factories (orders the delivery) 
46- Ready-made concrete (orders the delivery only) 
47- Ceramic, tiles, marble, and granite shops (two customers are allowed inside the shop) 
48- Ceramic, tiles, marble, and granite cutting workshops (order and delivery) 
49- Water filters sale and repair shops 
50- Water pumps sale and repair (orders and delivery) 
51- Modern irrigation systems sale and maintenance (two customers at a time are allowed inside) 
52- Pets (birds, fish and their feed) (two customers are allowed inside) 
53- Nurseries and agricultural supplies (two customers are allowed inside) 
54- Carpenters (orders and delivery) 
55- Blacksmith workshops (orders and delivery) 
56- Turning workshops (order and delivery) 
57- Aluminum workshops (order and delivery) 
58- Metal welding shops (orders and delivery only) 
59- Sale and maintenance of watches 
60- Mobile phones sales and maintenance (order and delivery) 
61- Yacht marina 
62- Learning car driving  
63- Consultancy and lawyers offices, accounts/auditing (remote services only)

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