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Inspiration amid isolation

19 May 2020

Sheffy Tattarath, an Indian artist who believes that art and creativity are something inherent in every individual and waiting to be discovered, has created numerous paintings and taken part in several exibitions in Oman and India. While working on those projects, Sheffy has spent several days isolated from the world and focused on the task at hand. So, the current lockdown may not be as disturbing to him as it is to others. Here’s what he has to say:

I am really thankful to God that he has included me in a group of  ‘creative workers’ (I might be a speck of dust in the world of art, though). I don’t think there is any sort of lockdown for artists. One can sit alone for hours, contemplate and work.

While I channel my thoughts on my creativity, I do not ignore the business opportunity in my work as I believe that every artist should channel his work to give himself financial stability (particularly in this present crisis). The struggle to balance continues to be there but artists are constantly creating and experimenting new stuff. They are involved in a constant thought process, that’s the food for our thoughts. It gives us energy. It keeps us alive and curious.

In fact, isolation is also not new to artists, I guess. Amongst a crowd, too, one is always in their own world to push through new forms of expression. So, it’s a natural form and method to support social distancing. 

Through this solitude, I have been specialising in experiments with pastels, water colours, besides my normal routine of acrylic and oils. Drawing mediums such as pastels and graphite give me more freedom than other mediums. Hence, I find a sense of enjoyment in experimenting with different mediums.

Artists draw inspiration from events that happen around them. Such observation of natural and human behaviour often turns into ideas for new paintings. Sometimes, inspiration comes from even a negative incident such as the COVID-19 pandemic. It forced me to create COVID-19 related paintings which are socially relevant.

To sum up, I believe, life is like a painting…full of uncertainty. We start on an empty canvas with simple brush strokes and, when it finishes, it becomes a beautiful painting. But, just as in life, it can be spoiled by a bad stroke, as well.



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