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Online booking for Eid: Get your ready-to-take-home sacrificed animal

18 May 2020

Muscat Municipality will suspend slaughter of livestock at its abattoirs for individuals from May 20 till the third day of Eid al Fitr. However, people now have the option to order their fresh carcasses online through an App.  

‘Within the attempt to halt further spread of the COVID-19 pandemic during the Eid rush, Muscat Municipality has coordinated with a private company to offer ready-to-take-home carcasses until the third day of Eid,’ a statement said.    

The municipality has arranged for obtaining ready-made carcasses through an app, which is part of its cooperation and aim to privatise the sector, and has entrusted it to Mawashi Oman company.  

‘The Mawashi Oman app can be installed and used via smart phones. It is also possible to view the working hours of slaughterhouses, and to book a date in advance for ordering or receiving meat.’ 

The consumer has the option to receive the sacrificed animal himself from the slaughterhouse or get it delivered to his home. 

Such measures were set by the Health Affairs unit of Muscat Municipality to meet the high demand of fresh meat during Eid while maintaining social distancing and to avoid gatherings. 
‘The municipality therefor calls on everyone to take necessary preventive measures when visiting slaughterhouses and to follow the instructions when purchasing fresh meat to ensure its quality,’ 

From May 20 to the third day of Eid, Muscat Municipality slaughterhouses will suspend slaughter of livestock for individuals, it added. ‘However, slaughtering will be allowed only for Omani sheep and goats, not cows or camels, in the evening from 7 to 9pm.’ 

The municipality started preparing its abattoirs for the Eid rush in advance by carrying out maintenance of equipment and machinery.  

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