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MoH calls on recovered COVID-19 patients to donate: Acute shortage of blood plasma

16 May 2020

Following the success of convalescent plasma as a potential treatment against COVID-19 in Oman, and due to its acute shortage, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has appealed for immediate donation from recovered coronavirus infected patients.

According to MoH, convalescent plasma therapy was given to 17 patients, five of whom recovered well, such that they could be taken off the ventilator, while the rest were recovering fast. 

Dr Saif al Abri, Director General of Disease Surveillance and Control, said that plasma is given to patients in intensive care only according to an established protocol. “There is an acute shortage of plasma donation by recovered patients, and we appeal to them to donate.”

MoH’s Department of Blood Bank Services also called on all those who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate plasma. It stated that the most significant challenge in this regard is making the non-Arabic/non-English speaking expatriates understand its importance. 

Department of Blood Banks Services said that in view of the increasing demand for the blood plasma in parallel to the increased COVID-19 confirmed cases, the department specifies certain eligibility requirements which must be met before plasma donation:

  • The recovered person should be more than 14-days symptom-free and fully recovered from COVID-19. 
  • Should have a prior laboratory confirmed negative result for a COVID-19 test.
  • The recovered person must meet regular blood donation eligibility requirements (such as age from 18-60 years old, with no history of NCDs, etc.) 
  • Women who have had one pregnancy are not allowed to donate plasma.


The Department of Blood Banks Services is seeking to reach a wider number of recovered patients  by contacting them directly or through social media platforms. People can inquire on donating plasma and schedule an appointment on WhatsApp (94555646).

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