Friday, January 21
03:17 PM

Men can cook


As ‘Stay at home’, which has become a war cry for many, has resulted in the famed home cooking skills of Omani women finding a surprise challenger during the COVID-19 lockdown this Ramadan, men reveal their hidden culinary talents.

While Ramadan, for many women, is the month to try new recipes, the coronavirus pandemic has turned things around as men have begun showing up their skills in the kitchen. Muscat Daily takes a look at men who have taken up cooking and baking with many saying this is a time for them to show off their culinary abilities by cooking up some tasty family meals. (As a custom, men, in Oman, do not usually cook.)

Maulid al Dhawi, a private sector employee from Amerat, has been staying at home now for the past weeks and has enjoyed pitching in on kitchen duties. “We have been eating out so much that we have forgotten to exercise our creativity. Now, I think, it was a waste of time and resources all around. During this lockdown, I often tell my wife to relax and just enjoy what I make. This Ramadan, its our time to show that men can also cook,” he said.

Others say, good things happen out of bad. “Life teaches us to enjoy things that we love and during this time, I was able to exercise my creativity. My wife was shocked to see how good a cook I am. I never used to cook at home as I am always out. But now, it has become the highlight of the day. My wife makes lunch and I prepare dinner and I am enjoying it,” Sameer Masoud, a Ghubrah resident, said.

For some, they have used the chance to learn more. “Within the past weeks, I have learned that cooking doesn’t take all that much time. In fact, I have learnt so many recipes, and I can now call myself a good cook. I have always wanted to cook but I did not know where to start, but now I cook more and the positive feedback from my wife is a testimony to my creativity,” Ali al Belushi from Sohar, said.

Indeed women are in full praise for what men cook at home with some saying men may be even better than women in cooking. “I have to confess that some men – talking about my husband and my brothers – cook well. Some of them are better than many women. I have tested their meals and I couldn’t ask for something better. They get it right in many ways,” Samya al Nuumani, a home maker, said.

Other women say they can now take advantage of men cooking. “Since my husband started showing interest in coming to the kitchen, my kitchen time has reduced by 30 per cent. He is a guy who wants to do things his own way and he does not want anyone to interfere. So, when he is there, I try as much as possible not to direct him what to do. And the good thing, whatever he cooks, it turns out to be perfect,” Farida Sali

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