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Lockdown tales: The forgotten painting

11 May 2020

Smily Benoy, an Indian expatriate and amateur artist, had purchased a DIY painting kit eleven years ago to spend her spare time during her pregnancy in a creative way. The painting, which subsequently got set aside, was discovered by her eleven year old son, Alfred, during the current lockdown and was completed much to her delight. Here’s how she recounts the journey of her ‘forgotten painting’:

It was eleven years ago, when I was expecting my second child, I wished to paint again. The last time I did quite a number of paintings and thread works was when I was carrying my elder son. I got them all framed and gifted them to my dear ones. The same expectations for increased leisure led me to the desire of painting again.

I went to various shops and finally this picture of a sail boat in the ocean attracted my attention as it resembled me travelling through the ocean of life. Without a second thought, I bought it. The very next day, I started to paint with the paints and brushes already provided in the kit. My excitement knew no bounds. 

Suddenly the sail boat took another turn due to the heavy storm. I was caught up with frequent medical check-ups,weekly injections, visit to my hometown to meet a renowned gynecologist, laproscopic surgery, etc to save the life growing within me. Not only was the painting was kept aside, it was completely forgotten.

On the day of the new year, God answered our prayers and blessed us with another son. Life changed completely with a new set of priorities. I kept switching over from the role of mother of two to a wife, from a daughter to a daughter-in-law. The sail boat traversed all through the ups and downs for eleven years and travelled far away from where it started.

Recently, when I was declutttering my home during the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic , I came across the same old sail boat picture  still waiting to be painted. My younger son, who is now grown up to a eleven year old boy, saw me taking the picture out from its cover along with the paints and brushes. To my surprise, he asked me “Mummy, can I paint this picture?”

“Sure, my son.” I answered.

Little did I know that the much cherished and forgotten painting, which was started by me when my son was within my womb, was waiting to be completed by himself some day. He worked hard to paint the picture. Almost all the paints were dried up, but he finally completed the ‘forgotten painting’.

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