Friday, December 01
11:13 PM

Houses practising tailoring, laundry activities raided

11 May 2020

A residential house which was used for running a tailoring business in South Batinah Governorate was raided for violation of decisions issued by the Supreme Committee to deal with COVID-19. The operation was conducted by Barka Municipality with the support of ROP. 

In a statement, the Government Communication Center said that Barka Municipality raided the house used by expatriate workers to practice the tailoring profession. ‘All tools and equipment were confiscated and legal procedures were taken against the violators,’ it said. 

‘The raid comes in light of the decision to close all women’s tailor shops as a precautionary measure during the COVID-19 outbreak,’ it added. 

Meanwhile, Nizwa Municipality with the support of the ROP, raided homes for expatiate workers practicing tailoring activities as well as laundry services, which is in violation of the decisions of the Supreme Committee. 

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