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Keep your pets stress free

10 May 2020 By HUBERT VAZ

If you have pets at home and are anxious about their health during the current lockdown, rest assured that they are getting plenty of what they need most – your presence and attention, which helps them stay free from stress, the key cause of many behavioural disorders.But, in case of emergencies, if your movement is restricted, you could do with some expert ‘Telemedicine’  from Dr Peter Nolosco, veterinary surgeon at cc, Qurm.

Dr Nolosco said, “COVID-19 is the one of the horrible diseases of mankind, with its universal presence, and the world trembles with fear, with no permanent answer to it, yet. And, pets and pet owners are badly affected by this, because of the restrictions imposed to control this problem. At Capital Veterinary Centre, as per the advice of our owner, Zakiya al Zakwani, we have introduced a concept called ‘Telemedicine’ especially for the heavy lockdown areas.”

Dr Nolosco has advised pet owners to purchase some basic medications like antibiotics, antihistamines, antinflammatories, pain relievers and a basic first aid kid. If any abnormality happens with pets, pet owners can communicate with the clinic via WhatsApp or telephone. The clibic will suggest the appropriate treatment, based on which they can carry out the same at home, he said.

Forl problems that cannot be solved by telemedicine and needs direct examinations, pet owners have ben urged to learn basic grooming techniques like brushing the pet’s hair coat, nail clipping, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, anal gland squeezing, brushing teeth, etc. This will help avoid trips to grooming centres.

“We urge pet owners to have a good stock of regular food, so that they do not fall short of it. It is also very important to store pet food as per the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain it’s purity. We also urge pet owners to continue the pet’s regular exercise; if they cannot be taken outdoors, the same can be done indoors,” Dr Nolosco said, adding that windows should be kept open during suitable hours of the day, so that pets recives good ventilation and enough of sunlight.

He further said, “This is the time, pet owners should use to spend more time with their beloved pets. Pets live for their masters. They alwsys want to keep their master and his family happy, by all means. We have seen many cases in which, when pet owners spend more time with the pets, the pets remain healthier and happier. Some pets have even overcome behavioural disorders.

“Stress is a biggest issue with pets, as it is less understood by the owners. Continued stress will develop various behavioural abnormalities like excessive barking, aggressiveness, urinating and making stool everywere, etc. The only remedy for the pets to overcome this problem is, the owners interacting with them and spending more time with them.”

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