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At home, yet sailing high

9 May 2020

Sami al Shukaili and Yasser al Rahbi, two young stalwarts of Oman Sail, who have been stuck ashore indefinitely due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, may not be having it the way they like it. The duo, however, are making the most of their time, staying fit as well as connected with the world of sailing by undertaking online training as well as playing sailing games on smartphones.

Sami, a promising national team member of Oman Sail, says it is unforunate that sailors are grounded, too, during the current lockdown but nevertheless they are trying to make the most of their time so that they stay fit as well connected with sailing by body and mind.

“We need to be healthy, fit as well as safe during our time at home and so we are following a strict fitness programme everyday under the guidance of our fitness coach,” said Sami, adding, “as a personal goal, we are focusing not just on training but also on our diet.”

He further said, “It is obvious that we cannot do any sailing right now but we’ve started to play a very popular game all over the world called Sailor Play which is so interesting and gives you just the same feeling as sailing, with rules, goals and opportunity for challenging each other. Also, Oman Sail has been conducting training for all sailors which is quite amazing. We are being aquainted with the rules and details about various sailing courses ahead. I must say, though locked down, this has been an amazing time for us.”

Sami’s compatriot,  Yasser al Rahbi, who has been with him on several exciting sailing adventures over the past few years, adds, that all sailors ar not considering the lockdown period as a break, rather as an ideal opportunity for them to shape up and sharpen their skills by focusing of physical fitness as well as knowledge about their expeditions in due course.

“I start my day in Ramadan with and online training class, from 10am to 12 noon along with a batch of other sailors. After that, I spend time in prayer and  fitness activities. In the evening after iftar, I wait for one hour, then I take up more fitness activities like running, exercises, and games. I also spend my free time playing sailing games on my phone,” he said, adding, “my entire day is still focussed on sailing.”

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