Thursday, January 20
09:12 AM

Students to get promoted to higher grades, general education diploma results in mid-June


The Ministry of Education has announced the details of the measures that will be taken to calculate the results of students, their evaluation mechanism, transition from grades 1 to 12 and their level after the end of the school year. 

In a press conference on Thursday, H E Dr Madiha bint Ahmed bin Nassir al Shaibaniyah, Minister of Education, said, that the method of statistical treatment was used which is internationally accpeted, very accurate and based on scientific principles. “All students will be promoted to higher grades based on the performance of previous semesters,” she said. 

For Grade 12 students, Dr Madiha said that it is expected that the results of the general education diploma will be announced in mid-June. “We decided to calculate the result of the second semester for general education diploma students and its level using the internationally accepted statistical method,” she said. 

She added that students who had not achieved the level of success will be subjected to re-sit. “Students who did not achieve the level of success in three subjects or less will be subject to the same statistical method after performing the second round of exams in the educational content for the first semester,” she said. 

Private schools apply their international qualification programmes in grades (10-12), she said, “These schools are committed to implementing student evaluation mechanisms approved by their parent institutions when calculating results. However, international schools are also committed to the school calendar and student evaluation mechanisms according to the accredited board,” she said. 

On the start of the next academic year, Dr Madiha said that the school academic year usually begins at the end of August. “We are studying alternatives in this aspect, which will be based on the report of the technical team. The date for the resumption of study next year will be determined according to the epidemiological situation in coordination with the Ministry of Health. We will also announce the precautionary measures as and when the next academic year is announced,” she said. 

On the subject of tuition fees in private schools, Dr Madiha said the subject is governed by legal provisions. “The relationship between private schools, their employees and parents is governed by several laws. In the event of a dispute between the guardian and the school about school fees, the ministry will transfer the student to a government school,” she said. 


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