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Lockdown tales: Drawing many positives from the lockdown

6 May 2020

For Ahmad al Harthy, Oman’s young racing sensation who lives life in the fast lane, quite literally, the period of the lockdown hasn’t quite changed his zeal to be always on the go. However, while supervising e-learning tasks for his children he often wonders, whether racing was easier to handle. ‘The switch from ‘Dad the racing driver’ to ‘Dad the teacher’ has been extremely interesting,’ he says, adding, ‘often, I’m not sure, who’s teaching whom!’

Here’s how he describes his time at home:

February 28,2020, the date we launched our racing programme back in the United Kingdom. Just a few weeks after returning to Muscat, we were all introduced to a new way of life. This introduction was not country specific, nor continent specific, it was a global crisis that we were all facing at the same time. 

I personally started to self isolate with my family as soon as the schools shut here in Oman. The first few days were extremely challenging. It was very important to create a strong schedule (structure), however hard we try, we will not be able to mimic our normal daily activities prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal was to be as close to our regular activities as possible.

I’ve always been a morning person, this did not change with the lockdown. I would always start my day with cardio exercises and body weight activities. I spent some time researching the best online workouts that suit my type of training and was surprised by the amount of useful content available. I would then make sure I am prepared for all the e-learning activities sent from my children’s school. I think this part is actually harder than racing, to be honest (the switch from ‘Dad the racing driver’ to ‘Dad the teacher’ has been extremely interesting), but at times I’m not sure who’s teaching whom! 

Staying in continuous contact with my team back in the UK, as well as my partners here in Oman is simplified with all the current online platforms. This is very important as the situation with all the championships get regularly updated. I am also doing my best to spread awareness on the importance of donating blood. This has become ever more important during the COVID-19 crisis which has resulted in shortages at all the blood banks in Oman. 

I’ve also seen so many friends transform with this lockdown and become masterchefs in a matter of few weeks. I’ve given it a go, a few times myself; unfortunately, my cooking isn’t up there with my driving skills. I think there are so many positives we can take away from this experience. The most important thing at the moment is for everyone to do their bit in making sure we overcome the spread of the virus. Having a positive attitude and keeping fit and healthy will contribute to achieving our goals.

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