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Carving nests, staying creative

5 May 2020

The work from home initative in Oman has led many people to hone various creative skills during their spare time. One such case is that of Suleiman Humaid Hamad al Mneji, a citizen from Ibra, in North Sharqiyah, who has devoted his time for a unique hobby – making bird nests from tree trunks.

A public sector employee, Mneji, says he never had time to pursue his hobby of a craftsman. Now, he is making the most of the extra time he has at home to carve date palm trunks, found in farms and wadis, into birds’ nest. The best part is, there are many takers for these artificial nests.

Mneji said, “This used to be my hobby once upon a time and I used hand-made tools to carve such trunks. After taking up a public sector job, I hardly found any time to pursue my hobby. But, after so many years, I think this is a great opportunity for me to do something which I always loved doing.”

Mneji picks up discarded date palm trunks from farms and wadis. “I have carved these trunks into birds’ nest, chairs and key hangers. I have sold many bird’s nests and other items for prices ranging from RO4 to RO6. Often,  beekeepers approach me to create bee hives for them. Now, I am working on this project, too.”

Those who have purchased nests and other items from Mneji are happy with his work. Many of them place water and grain inside these nests and love to see birds of different varieties visiting them and chirping throughout the day to escape the hot sun, he discloses.

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