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What children know about COVID-19

4 May 2020

A few children in Muscat, aged 4-8 years, share some innocent opinion on COVID-19, responding to four simple questions. While most seemed aware that coronavirus was something to be dreaded, others expressed anguish over the restrictions they face.

Varied infomation about COVID-19 has been circulating around the world for the past few months and everyone is conversant with it. However, here’s how minor children view the pandemic. A few children in Muscat, aged 4-8 years, share some innocent opinion, responding to four simple questions. While most seemed aware that coronavirus was something to be dreaded and that one must take care of oneself to keep it at bay, others simply expressed their anguish at how it has laid restrictions on them. Here are their responses:

Do you know what is COVID-19? If not, can you guess what it is?

Anna Hunt5, waves her hand in the air with a handwashing gesture, saying, “wash your hands, that’s Coronavirus.”

Lyu Rui, 7, and Imaad Raffel, 8, believe it’s a virus which spreads fast while Rudra Gautam, 7, said, “it is something very dangerous.” Sibel al Sulaimani, 6, further adds, “super” upon asking how dangerous the virus was. Yamee Varun Rana, 3, thinks it is a bad cockroach and she wanted to kill it with the Princess gun that she has.

Devansh Behera, 6, touches his shoulders and head and describes the coronavirus spikes, as it appears in most graphics, as thumbs and says if you touch these thumbs you will get a little cough and cold. For Azwa Fatima, 6, COVID-19 is a coronavirus insect and she believes we should wear a mask and gloves to secure ourselves and, upon returning home from a visit outside, we should not touch anyone before first washing our hands.

Do you have any message for COVID-19?

In a message to COVID-19, Imaad Raffel, 8, says angrily, “get out of this world.” Francis Enriquez, 5, tells other children to stay at home so that no one gets infected. Akshaj Sachan, 5, says “wash your hands with soap and water,” Essa, 4, says, “Stay at home, wash your hands for 20 seconds and don’t go out.”

Anna Hunt said, “go away coronavirus, I want to go back to school”

Rayyan Kazi said, “coronavirus, go away, I want to play outside in the garden, beach, and the amusement centre in malls. Jailyn Brayane Villanueva, 4, and Devansh, 6, also chorused, “go away, coronavirus.”

Princess Ayesha Dela Cruz added, “don’t go out without asking permission from your parents because they know the best while Lyu Rui Yan, 7, said, “coronovirus, can you please disappear I just want to go back to school”

What you have to say about Dad being home all the time and not allowing you to go out?

Akshaj Sachan, 5, took a small pause and said in a whining tone, it’s okay but I am safe at home from coronavirus while Ayaan, 7, felt it was so because children have to learn to help their mothers with work at home. Dev Singh Rana said “one good thing about staying indoors is that I am spending good time with my parents and younger sister. Otherwise, I don’t like staying indoors, I like to go out and play and meet friends. 

Devansh Behera, 6, said you can do planting, playing video games, exercise though Lyu Rui Yan, 7, said she missed her teachers and friends. Sibel al Sulaimani, 6, felt great about this, saying, “ I can be protected from coronavirus by Dad being home. 

Yamee Varun Rana, 3, sid she enjoyed games with her Dad while Vedika Gautam, 5, said she simply loved the fact that her Dad was home everyday as she could hug and kiss him all day. Essa, 4, also showed a thumbs-up sign and excitedly said it was great, though there were restrictions on going out to play.

What’s good about staying indoors all the time?

“I will tell you, it is so much fun. I learnt to put clothes in the washing machine, I also learnt how to fold clothes and, above all, how to make a mug cake,” said Vedika Gautam, 5. On the other hand, Francis Enriquez, 5, said he enjoyed spending more time with the entire family while Aayaan said he enjoyed reading books. Lyu Rui Yan, 7, aded that he enjoyed the fact that he got to watch a lot of movies, more than usual. 

Azwa Fatima said she could play ‘Hide and seek’ indoors with  her father, mother and little sister while Akshaj Sachan, 5,  said he loved waking up late. Rudra Gautam, 7, took note of the fact that there was less noise all around which was a good sign for the earth while Iman Rania pointed out that it was the best way to stop spreading the virus.

Contributed by Syed Fasiuddin

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