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I learnt to be more productive

3 May 2020

Sabah al Fadhil, a sports enthusiast, who continues to wake up early and follow a busy schedule all day, strikes a perfect balance between work and play at home during the current lockdown. Here’s what he has to say:

Being in an almost lockdown situation has changed a lot of how we operate day in and day out. It was rather frustrating at the beginning. However, after dealing with it for a while, you somehow find ways to be creative and productive.

Personally, I still wake up early, have my breakfast and, luckily, I have a home-office, so I go up to my pent-house to work till noon. Since the family is also at home, I’d like to have lunch together, then back to some work, and call it a day late afternoon.

Luckily, some of my clients are still active and, thanks to online conferencing tools, we can host meetings and, to be honest, they have been very productive, as I mentioned earlier. This lockdown has, indeed, taught us how to be more productive.

Fortunately, just before the lockdown, I managed to buy gym equipment, so I workout around 3-4 times a week. Often, my children join me and we all work out together in a fun environment.

Another challenge we also had initially was how to make sure the children attend to their classwork. The school has been very supportive, however, it can be very time consuming to teach children.

Quarantine time has given me a lot of time on hand and I’ve taken advantage to complete a few online courses. Looking ahead, we’re not sure how long we will be in this situation. So, it may be a good time to once again visit my bucket list and tick off a few more activities.

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