Saturday, November 27
06:18 PM

‘No indication for spread of coronavirus to slow down till Eid Al Fitr’


Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed al Saidi, Minister of Health, said social distancing is key to curb the spread and that there is no indication yet for the spread of the virus to slow down in the Sultanate during the days of Eid Al- Fitr.

“A commercial establishment has caused infection of about 108 people and this was because people were not following social distancing. Oman has recorded about 60 cases of COVID-19 among health practitioners but 70 per cent of those were not due to an infection at the job, but due to mixing within the community,” Dr Saidi said.

The minister added that there is a need to be more careful while moving around and to pracitce social distancing. “Some families do not practice physical distancing, as 30 cases of COVID-19 were discovered in one family,” he said.

Asked if there is a slow down and if things will be okay by Eid al Fitr, Dr Saidi said, “There are no indication yet for the spread of the virus to slow down in Oman during the days of Eid Al- Fitr.”

“However, in case of a second wave, epidemiological surveillance in the Sultanate is in place, and if it is proven that there is a second wave, we will take the same procedures and same preparations,” he said.

Asked about the donation fund, Dr Saidi said, “The amount in the account to fight COVID-19 amounts to about RO24mn, and the support of His Majesty the Sultan’s government continues,” he said.

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