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Many welcome reopening of money exchanges

30 Apr 2020

As money exchange houses reopened for business, many of the clients were relieved. The closure had inconvenienced many who needed to send money to their loved ones back home.

A few of those who Muscat Daily spoke to expressed their happiness after the news came, especially during Ramadan when many people are eager to send money to their relatives and loved ones.

“During Ramadan, we send money to our relatives every now and then. But since the closure of money exchange houses, we were stuck but luckily the news of their reopening has made things easy again,”

Jokha al Naamani, an Omani businesswoman who has relatives in Uganda and Rwanda said.
Jokha said that it is this time that many of our relatives are much in need and people here want to send them something. “The decision to reopen the exchange houses was much needed,” she said.

The move has also been welcomed by many expatriate workers in Oman. “My family is in Bangladesh and I was figuring how to send money back to them. Yes, banks were open but there were long queues whenever I went. Now that all exchange houses are open, things will run smoothly. I just came back form one of the exchange houses to send money to my family and I am happy,” Abdul Raheem, a Bangladeshi resident, said.

To be safe, Muscat Municipality has said that a maximum of two clients can be present at the same time.  “In addition to only allowing two clients at the same time, there are other necessary preventive measures and health requirements that need to be met,” Muscat Municipality official said.

Muscat Municipality also urges everyone to use personal protective equipment and to practice a set of health habits like covering the mouth when coughing or sneezing and washing hands with soap and water frequently and properly, and encouraging a social distance of at least two meters between people.

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