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Precautionary measures for Sanad centres announced

29 Apr 2020

With the decisions issued by the Supreme Committee in charge of dealing with COVID-19 issued on April 28 regarding starting Sanad Services Centres, the Al Raffd Fund has outlined a set of measures for all to follow.  

– The number of employees at work at a time cannot be more than 20 per cent, following a shift pattern. 
– Employees should be committed to necessary health procedures by putting on masks, medical gloves and providing sanitizers. 
– Center doors must be closed and appointment requests should be made via social media and emails or by setting up a box outside. 
– No customers are allowed inside the center, and if there is a need for the customer to be present in the center to complete the transaction (electronic signature / electronic payment), the customers identity card or bank card must be received from outside. 
– Relieve employees with special health conditions and who are over 55 years old. 
– Center owners are required to sterilize their entire workplaces daily using cleaning equipment and disinfectants. 
– The work of the center shall be for one period only, starting from 7 am until 2 pm. As for the timing during Ramadan it is from 10 am to 2 pm for the morning period and from 8 pm to 11 pm for the evening period. Working hours in all cases should not exceed seven hour. 
– Representatives from Al Raffd Fund shall ensure that before opening the center, the center owner has implemented the above-mentioned procedures, and in light of the current developments he is allowed to practice the activity or not. If it is found that they are not committed to any of the procedures, they shall coordinate with the competent authorities to close the center directly without prior notification. 
– Al Raffd Fund shall coordinate with the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, Muscat Municipality, Dhofar Municipality and the Public Authority for Consumer Protection regarding the supervision of the precautionary measures referred above. Necessary measures will be taken in case of any violations.  

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