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Fewer donors lead to blood donation call during Ramadan

27 Apr 2020

As the blood banks face shortage every year during the Holy month of Ramadan, Ministry of Health (MoH) has renewed its call for people to donate blood.  

In a statement, Department of Blood Banks Services said the number of blood donors decline by 40 per cent during the holy month. “In the current circumstances, the decline may reach up to 60 per cent,” the statement said. 

MoH represented by the Department of Blood Banks Services (DBBS) have taken some measures to overcome the anticipated shortage and meet the daily demands of blood units and components. 

The reduction of bloodstock during Ramadan always occurs every year when the people are fasting; however, blood donation can be done in the evening. “Donours can come to our Department of Blood Banks Services in Bausher between 7.30pm to 11.30pm,” an official at the DBBS told Muscat Daily. 

On the other hand, the Blood Bank is encouraging the non-fasting blood donors to donate during the day time. “Those not fasting can come during the day between 8am to 12.30,” the official said. 

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