Wednesday, January 26
08:42 AM

‘There is always good even in a bad situation’


With the global COVID-19 pandemic leading to people being confined to their homes, borders being shut and economic instability, the good news is that there are some important positives. 

In a chat with Muscat Daily, many of those who are under self-quarantine and self-isolation say that they have realised that there are always good things in bad situation. 

“In spite of the worries, being locked down and thinking of what the world is going through during the outbreak, I honestly say that all of  these have changed me in a positive way,” said Hussam Samir al Musallami, a bank employee. “I used to always complain that I don’t have enough time and that my job doesn’t give me enough time. However, home isolation has made me realise the worth of what I once had.  

“I have started working from home with the same momentum, focus and dedication. I spend more quality time with my wife and daughter. I am even completing higher studies,” he added. Musallami said that lockdown has made him realise that determination and perseverance can do big things.

“I miss visiting my parents and brothers a lot, but I strongly believe that as a community we will overcome this challenge and things will be back to normal. The world will hopefully will be better.” Mbarak Ahmed al Araimy, an Omani entrepreneur, feels this is a chance to propel ourselves to tide over the crisis. “We must stay positive and believe that no matter how hard things get never give up, because God is with those who are patient. I appeal to everyone to adhere to the government directives. We will definitely win this fight if we maintain social distancing,” he said. Dr Niren Sachdeva, a surgeon, said, being positive is key.

“As far as I am concerned, I have been meditating, doing yoga and reading quite a bit online. Meditation helps a lot as it makes you more positive. I am a prolific writer, I write lyrics for songs a lot and I have utilised this time to write. By doing so, I stay positive,” he said. 

Dr Sachdeva is also utilising time to hone his cooking skills.“I have improved as a person.” 

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