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Retail sale at Mawaleh market to resume on April 29

25 Apr 2020

Muscat Municipality reopened the Central Market for Vegetables and Fruits in Mawaleh partially on Saturday (April 25) after closing for a day. Retail sale at the market will resume from April 29.  

The civic body has announced a raft of measures to develop the Central Market of Vegetables and Fruits in Mawaleh into an integrated wholesale market and shift it to South Batinah with bigger and better facilities.  

The municipality said that it started allowing vehicles of wholesalers that are three tonnes and above to enter the market on Saturday, (April 25) from 4-11am. 

It added that retail sale will resume on April 29. Muscat Municipality in cooperation with Oman Technology Fund has called on traders and suppliers in the market to finish registering with the online platform @AthmarOm to reduce the risks of overcrowding in the market. 

The municipality said that in coordination with Asyad Group it is planning to transfer the market from Mawaleh to Khazaen Economic City in South Batinah to create an integrated wholesale market on an area larger than the current one. 

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