Tuesday, May 30
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Slaughterhouses in Seeb, Amerat ready for Ramadan

21 Apr 2020

Muscat Municipality has said that it is ready to operate its slaughterhouses in Seeb and Amerat during Ramadan.

Qais bin Suleiman al Kashri, Director General of Health Affairs in Muscat Municipality, said that the slaughterhouses in Seeb and Amerat will be open from 6-9 am. “This period will be for livestock (sheep and goats) belonging to companies and meat sale companies for consumers in the markets of the Governorate of Muscat,” Kashri said. 

The second period will be from 9am until 1pm. “This time slot will be devoted to facilitating slaughter of livestock required by citizens and expatriates in the wilayats of the Governorate of Muscat throughout the week.”

He said that the slaughterhouses have different types of livestock and cows to meet the needs of consumers.

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