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NSSG Connect promises safe, secure video conferencing

21 Apr 2020

As security concerns are raised over the use of the popular video web conferencing application Zoom, the open source application NSSG Connect is making its entry into the professional world in Oman.  

The NSSG Connect video call service, which is being hosted and provided (for the first time ever) in the sultanate by the National Security Services Group (NSSG), was launched on April 13.  

NSSG has the best Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) assessors in the country and is involved in matters related to IT and online security for many established government and private companies in Oman including several in banking and oil sectors. 

The launch of NSSG Connect has been done under the initiative from NSSG called ‘Isolate Your Meetings Safely’. 

The initiative aims to provide a platform which is available to everyone for free, working on smartphones, computers and web browser and is safe,  secure and trustworthy. 


Warith Al Maawali 


Speaking about the application, Warith Al Maawali , Deputy CEO of the National Security Services Group said, “The idea of this service arose as many of the company’s customers were demanding a platform that provided them with protection, total privacy, ease of use, and managed by Omani hands to facilitate business, and to hold meetings where sensitive topics are raised and require complete confidentiality.  

“Under the circumstances of this pandemic, many platforms have been available, both free and commercial, but most of these well-known platforms are either completely unsafe (they do not provide encrypted connectivity) or provide incomplete protection (partial encryption).”  “

NSSG Connect will give an incredible feel of conference with good video and clear audio. Additionally, NSSG does not collect or store any of the client’s data,” he added. NSSG Connect is available in both Android and iOS for free.

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