Thursday, September 16
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Leaking classified documents can get you five years in jail: Public Prosecution

21 Apr 2020

The Public Prosecution has warned that leaking classified official documents and insulting public officials is a crime punishable by five years imprisonment and RO3000 fine.  

Dr. Ahmed bin Saeed al Shukaili, assistant prosecutor and official spokesperson for the Public Prosecution, in a programme ‘Together for Your Safety’, said that some documents were leaked recently.  

“The first subject is the disclosure of official classified documents that are categorised as classified or strictly confidential and which are issued by government institutions. It is a crime punishable under the Law on the Classification of Documents,” he said.   

“The sentence may reach up to five years of imprisonment and a fine up to RO3000 against whoever copies, posts or resends. Some people may know this that some documents were leaked recently,” he added.   

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