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Creating a home away from home in lockdown times

18 Apr 2020

Reading, drawing, learning how to do day-to-day activities, there are a plethora of options children are trying out during these lockdown times. But getting through these times with three children at home can be a task for parents. 

However, the three children of this expatriate family put their talent to good use and churned out something that even amazed their parents – a miniature of their house back in their native place in the Indian state of Kerala. 

The house is equipped with all modern amenities and has got many praises on social media. Fatima Dilsha, Jasa Najeeb and Leiba Najeeb have made the house out of simple things available at home in just four days.  The entire process was well thought out. 

“The first step involved drawing the design and then collecting the raw materials available in the house as one could not step out,” said Fatima. 

The walls of the house was made using a foam board and each detailing was done as per their real house back in their country. “We took printouts to paste on the foam board to make it look real. Just the way our house looks. We used foil board and acrylic to get the furniture in place. We used LED lights to light up the house. It is powered by a small transformer,” Fatima said, adding, “We used plastic plants to give the look of the countryside.” 

The only regret the siblings had after completing their work was that they could not show anyone. “Since there is lockdown and we don’t know when all this will end we were upset that nobody could see our hard work.” This worry was warded off by their father who thought the best platform to showcase his children’s work was social media. “I put it on social media and voila, praises started pouring in,” said  Najeeb who works at a private hospital in Oman. 

(Text and photo by V K Shafeer) 

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