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Residents welcome multilingual messages

13 Apr 2020

As part of its ongoing awareness campaigns to fight the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Ministry of Health (MoH) has issued guidelines in different languages – a move welcomed by citizens and residents in Oman. 

The guidelines aim to raise the awareness of citizens and residents about the necessary precautions for protection from the virus and the harmful effects of not following the tips and instructions. Besides Arabic, the guidelines are in Filipino, Urdu, English, French, Hindi, Swahili, among other languages. 

The guidelines include an introduction to COVID-19, what to do and where to go for tests and related information. They also include procedures of medical isolation in home and quarantine centres and tips for traveling during the virus outbreak.  

According to many, MoH is doing it right and no one is left behind in terms of sharing information. “I have to admit that MoH has been so open in communication and advisories, issuing them in many languages. This shows how Oman is embracing everyone,“ said M Anees, a Bangladeshi resident. 

“These guidelines are helpful and we know what to do in regards to COVID-19.” Others feel proper communication is the best way to halt the spread of the virus.  

“Proper communication and guidelines in different languages help many to be aware because not many speak and read Arabic or English. It is a good move by MoH,” said R Rodrigo, a Filipino resident. 

The guidelines include an introduction to methods of transmission, symptoms, how to prevent it, the proper way to wash hands and the importance of sanitising, wrong behaviours, as well as some tips to follow upon the appearance of respiratory symptoms, and the right time and proper way to wear masks. 

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