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Face mask shortage in city

13 Apr 2020

Salim Khan has been moving around the city for the last few days looking for something he considers as absolutely necessary – face masks. 

The Pakistani national said he couldn’t find any in Ruwi and surrounding areas. Like Khan there are many who are desperate to get face masks as a precaution against coronavirus as cases in Oman are rising.  Khan said, “It is very strange  that during this crisis there is not a single pharmacy from the reputed hospitals that sells this basic good. The government is doing its best but sadly I see these corporates are not joining forces.”  

Akash Kumar from India who had come to Lulu for shopping said that he had been looking for masks as a precautionary measure but there are none.  

“I checked Badr al Samaa, KIMS, Ibn Sina and Muscat Pharmacy outlets too. I have a family of four and sometimes I need to go to shops. I am now using my handkerchief to cover my nose and mouth but I don’t know how effective it is. I feel that at this hour this is a serious matter and all shops and petrol pumps should have them just like they have hand sanitisers.” 

Most of the pharmacies confirmed there is a shortage of masks due to high demand.  Officials of KIMS Oman Pharmacy and Muscat Pharmacy said they are yet to receive new stocks of face masks. 

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