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Not Netflix, it is a COVID-19 poster!

12 Apr 2020

A poster highlighting Oman’s efforts to tackle Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating quite a buzz on social media channels. 

The poster ‘COVID19’ has been created by Fatema Said Rashid al Balushi, 28, a resident of Suwaiq. Fatema has done Bachelor of Business in Management Information System. 

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Fatema said, “I chanced upon this advertisement on the official Twitter account Oman VS Covid19 asking for photograph-based entries highlighting efforts or measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

“I always had a knack for creativity. I thought, why not design a poster that relates to the young. So I included elements like the Mwasalat bus, COVID-19 and passengers in my poster. It resembles an advertisement for a Netflix show. Netflix shows are quite popular among the youth in Oman.” 

According to Fatema, many have commented online pointing out spelling errors in the poster. “The mistakes were deliberate. I knew that would make the poster more interesting. Why would anyone comment if everything is right about the poster. Isn’t it?” 

Mwasalat too has praised the poster on its official Twitter account. Ahmed bin Ali al Balushi, CEO of Mwasalat, said, “Keeping pace with the present situation, the creator has delivered a message to the community by using common elements in our daily life especially this period…and the most important #Stayathome and with a movie logo #Netflix,” it tweeted. 

A Ministry of Housing official said, “When I saw the poster going around in social media, I did a search on YouTube thinking that Netflix has come out with a series on COVID-19 in Oman. That’s when I realised it is a poster on COVID-19. The concept is nice as it shows Mwasalat staff wearing masks and waiting for passengers to board. Mwasalat took all precautions to transport passengers until the service was stopped in the country as part of its measures to control the spread of COVID-19.”

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