Sunday, January 16
01:39 PM

All govt staff can work from home: Supreme Committee

1 Apr 2020

In a set of new measures, the Supreme Committee for dealing with COVID-19 has exempted all government employees from attending work except those whose nature requires their presence.

This decision will come into force from April 1, 2020.

The committee instructed the heads of government units to take necessary measures to ensure that the core business is not affected by the downsizing of staff.

It added that any employee can be called to do any work that the public interest requires them to do. The rest of the employees will continue to work remotely as determined by the employer.

Private sector

Private sector institutions and establishments should take necessary measures to reduce the number of employees to the minimum possible for the continuation of work.

The committee added that the military and security services will take necessary measures to limit the movement of traffic, citizens and residents as part of measures to control the virus spread.

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