Monday, June 24
06:14 PM

Streets deserted as people adhere to safety-first policy


The stay-at-home advisory by the government is being strictly adhered to with a few exceptions.

As a result, streets wear a deserted look these days, be it morning or evening.

Muscat Daily spoke to a few professionals who are now working from home to share their experiences and thoughts on the situation.

“We all have to cooperate so that we are safe. This is only for a short period and if we all agree to stay at home and only go out if necessary there will be no need for state-imposed curfews or orders. I am glad not only me but many people I know are abiding by the call to stay at home,” said Amour al Touqi, an Amerat resident who works in Seeb.

And those who cannot be absent from work too are sticking to the government advisory to not loiter around after work hours.

“I have to be present at work but I make sure I go back home as soon as I leave office unless I need to buy necessities. Once home, I don’t step out till the next day. We all know that this is a temporary situation and we have to do what it takes to beat the virus,” said Maulid al Dhawi, a private sector employee.

School and college students too have already got used to staying at home and many say they are fine.

“Since the order to close schools and colleges came into force, I have not stepped out. I am adhering to the social distancing rule advisory too even though I miss going out with my friends. Since there is no medication and prevention for COVID-19, I think the only precaution is to stay at home,” said Halima Jamal, a medical student based in Muscat.


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