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Stay home and get medical consultations via Dakhter app

24 Mar 2020 By MOHAMMED TAHA

Oman Technology Fund (OTF) and a group of Omani doctors have launched a mobile application to help patients with medical consultations from anywhere.


Dr Hamad al Kalbani submitted the idea for ‘Dakhter’ app to OTF four months ago, and the fund decided to invest in it, said an official at OTF.


“The application has been launched for an experimental period from March 21 to April 11. The application witnessed a high turnout of citizens and residents and the number of patients registered in it reached 200 in less than three hours from the announcement,” the official said.


The application will also provide free medical consultations related to coronavirus by specialised doctors.


The official added, “Dakhter is an application which enables people to have quick video consultations with medical specialists. Patients can video or voice chat and consult preferred medical specialists online at the tap of their finger whilst at home, in the office or on the move, without having to wait.”


Dakhter is the first application in the sultanate that provides medical consultations for non-emergency cases via smartphone by communicating with a group of well-known doctors in all specialties.


“The application will contribute to reducing government spending on the health sector by reducing the number of unnecessary visits to clinics or hospitals, health centres and emergency departments. It will contribute to protecting the country and citizens in times such as the coronavirus epidemic by providing medical consultations to citizens while they are in their homes and reducing the risk of infection,” said the official.


“After initial registration on the site and downloading the application, you can choose the doctor that suits you according to his specialty, his certificates and the experiences of other users. Then, you can enter into a private, reliable and safe consultation with the doctor. Take your time and explain your condition with pictures, videos, and audio. If the doctor sees a need for a visit to the health institution for further checks, he will ask you to do so.” The application provides general and specific medical evaluation and advice for non-emergency cases that do not need medical examination.


Doctors are also obligated to advise the patient of the need to go to the health institution whenever required.


The official added, “The application aims to know the extent of people’s demand for the service and to identify and address any technical problems during this period. “In the next few months it will include other services such as providing secondary medical consultations by distinguished doctors from outside the sultanate and from international centres of excellence.”

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